The Story Behind The Brand

Daniel founded Honeycomb Custom Calls in 2021, inspired by a specific Bible verse that sparked a new journey. Psalm 19's emphasis on the value of biblical teachings equates to pure gold and honey influenced the brand's ethos.

This verse struck a chord with Daniel during a spring morning, evoking thoughts about the splendor of creation, particularly the wild turkey. The harmony of vocal hens and the resonant drumming of a mature gobbler in a hardwood swamp intertwined with Psalm 19. This association inspired the creation of the honeycomb hexagon as a subtle reminder to the Creator.

Beyond symbolism, Honeycomb Custom Calls is committed to providing top-tier game calls and apparel. Their ergonomic hexagon turkey call is finely tuned for optimal performance. Utilizing low-tension stretching, their diaphragm calls produce lifelike turkey sounds with minimal air pressure. The professionally designed apparel offers both style and comfort.

For inquiries or assistance, customers can use the email or chat function. To join the Honeycomb Custom Calls community, follow them on social media and be part of their journey.



Bottomland/ Loden Richardson 6 panel trucker snapback with 100% real leather patch.

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